8 Animals with the Best Predicate of the Father in the World, Make It Cool!

Not only mothers, fathers also have a large contribution to their children. Animals also have formidable fathers who make their children survive from the rigors of life and extinction. Reporting from the Natural Habitat Adventures and World Wildlife Fund, here are some of the most intriguing among them!

1. A strong lion in protecting 30 more lionesses and their children

Male lions have a rather bad reputation because they look relaxed when the females forage. Not only that, he always gets the best cuts of meat before his spouse and children eat.

However, when talking about territories and the threat of danger, male lions can be malignant. He can protect more than 30 lionesses and their children when they feel threatened.

2. Gorillas are responsible for finding food for their group of more than 30 gorillas

Male gorillas need to feed every 22 kg gorilla per day. He will also invite his females to eat before their children.

Gorilla’s father will accompany his children until they are teenagers. Gorilla’s father is also full of love and often intervenes if someone fights.

3. Red fox playing and hunting for his children

Red fox dad likes to play with his children. In addition, he also diligently hunts and sends food to the nest for children and their partners. In fact, when their children grow up, the red fox’s father buries food near the nest to teach them to sniff and find food.

4. African wild dogs chew food for their children

African wild puppies are so active that they produce a lot of calories. However, they cannot eat solid food for up to ten weeks.

That is why, the father of African wild dogs will chew and crush food for his children. He also would not allow his children to roam too far so they would not be prey to the enemy.

5. Gold lion Tamarin is willing to carry her child when she is two weeks old

He holds his child at any time or 24 hours a week. The father will submit to their mother every two or three hours. Then, handed it back after 15 minutes.

The child will ride his father’s back until he is six to seven weeks old. When the child can eat soft food, the father will pound the banana and feed his child with his hands directly.

6. Flamingo works with their partners to build nests and incubate eggs

After hatching, flamingo fathers will take turns taking care of their children. Flamingos really share the task equally with their partners to enter their children who have hatched from their eggs.

7. The frog keeps the child in his mouth until the child is ready

Certain species also implant their offspring under their skin, such as on their backs. Not only that, there are also species of frogs that have pockets in the stomach like kangaroos.

8. Male seahorses can get pregnant and incubate their eggs for up to 45 days

Sea horses are the only animals that can carry out male pregnancies. The mother will store their eggs in a bag of male seahorses. The father must incubate eggs for up to 45 days.

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