How to Write a Preface for an Anthology

Are you interested on writing anthology? But you get many obstacles to write the preface? Not to worry, though it consists of the main idea of all the stories you’ve to summarize, it can be easy when you have tried and applied our advices we’ve provided down below, yet you can overcome your curiosities about how to write a preface for an anthology.

Things you have to Know about Preface & How to Write Preface for An Anthology

Nowadays, writing anthology is becoming popular as well as writers producing much stories whether fiction or non-fiction.

As we all have known that anthology is definitely described as a writings that collected by various authors and produced in one book.

Sometimes it’s coming from the same literary, period, or even the same theme.

Though it’s really popular in recent days, many readers are interested on reading this kind of writings or story collection.

So for any writers, it’s truly important to make every single parts become perfectly impressive, particularly on preface.

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Though there still remain difficulties on writing preface, writers commonly need any advice to overcome this issue.

But worry not, here are several tips writers need to do.

1. Explain The Topic

This section consists of the description that showing the topic of the anthology.

You need to tell about the main idea of all the stories you’ve written inside the anthology.

This way will lead the readers keep reading every page of your anthology book.

2. Tell Your Anthology Overview


The preface is consisting of the description about the stories over your anthology.

Here’s also the place you need to tell readers about the main idea of your anthology, but make sure you don’t show all of the stories because you still need to reveal it in a full version of your book and keep the readers curious about all the stories inside.

3. Decide the Target Audience

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A good preface commonly has the explanation about target audience which including the reason behind the stories you want to write.

Make sure you have made a decision about the market you want to sell or distribute your anthology book.

4. Share Your Genres


Telling the genre of your anthology to the readers will ease them to recognize every story written inside.

Sharing your anthology genres will also giving a simple description to the readers about the direction of the story.

5. Keep The Readers Curious

Here you need to tell the purpose behind the story you wanted to tell.

Try to give the readers the short story that clearly told and more detailed behind the anthology you want to write.

You can also try to make your preface looks more interesting by put some riddles within the text, so you can keep the readers become curious and bring them dive in into the story.

As many books are created and produced, an anthology also needs a great design, catchy cover, and good preface to become a best-seller one.

But sometimes it looks like too hard to write especially on creating preface.

So, start with reading some advices about how to write preface for anthology we’ve covered above and make your anthology becoming popular.

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