Get to Know the Definition and Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Lately VR technology has begun to be loved. With VR, people can feel real-life experiences in virtual reality.

Yep, the user can interact with a 3D projection environment that is worked on by the computer that makes it as if the user is in that location!

Generally, this technology is widely used for playing games or watching movies.

One of them, some time ago Marvel uses VR technology to promo Avengers movies in leading cinemas.

In fact, this technology has many other benefits that can make life real. Some companies try to develop VR technology that can simplify and help human life.

What is VR


This technology is used by drug gatherers, architects, medical workers, and even gamers who like the sensation of playing ‘real’ games.

Even now there are many games that have been created specifically for the virtual reality.

In addition, aircraft pilots also rely on virtual reality to carry out flight simulations before actually flying a plane.

This is intended so that the pilot is more familiar with the terrain that he will face and get a picture when he flies the plane in the sky. Virtual reality technology also contributes a lot to the military world.

In the United States, its soldiers will use virtual reality for war simulation.

They will feel the situation on the battlefield significantly with this technology.

This method is considered more practical and economical than doing real war training.

Medical Needs


If previously it was rather difficult to diagnose a patient’s illness, technology was able to make professional medical experts do the difficult thing though.

Among other things, medical companies apply medical training to doctors, which allows them to see inside the human body with realistic simulations.

This is also able to improve the quality of nursing which was previously difficult.

One medical company that applies this method is Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CLHA) from the United States.

Space exploration.


Not only that, VR also helps aspiring astronauts to simulate when in space.

The incorporation of VR and AR technology (Augmented Reality or virtual objects placed in the actual field of view), allows astronauts from NASA as if they were in space.

Military training.

Instead of having to really shoot each other with real weapons, VR technology also functions for military simulations.

Such a performance that was recently underway, titled The Virtual Training and Simulation Summit in the United States.

Here, you can practice shooting, doing strategies, defusing bombs, to various other things about the military.

The automotive world.

This technology also penetrated into the automotive world, where now leading companies began designing cars using VR technology.

In fact, the leading vehicle company from America, Ford, has its own laboratory using Vurtual Reality technology, to prototyping their latest output car.

World of education.

The VR function also helps the world of education.

With technology, it allows students to experience different learning experiences rather than learning in class.

Like an Immersive VR Education site that presents a variety of tutorials that can be directly practiced by students using VR.

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