Beef Appetizer

5 Delicious Appetizer Ideas (You Should Try at Home)

Any food comes before the main course is called appetizer. In general, there are many recipes for appetizer ideas. You can have simple or complex cooking. Each has different flavor.

What kind of appetizer do you like? You can have small dessert and salad before meal. That’s still acceptable to ease your stomach. Some appetizers are snack with meat, beef, or chicken. Well, the basic difference between main course and appetizer is their size.

Salad, Fruits, and Smoothie Appetizer

Smoothie Appetizer

Salad is good choice for starting meal. You can have it as appetizer with small portion. In this case, try to keep green vegetables as the majority of ingredients.

Fruits are common foods to enjoy in anytime. There is no need to cook with complex instruction. Clean and cut them into small pieces then enjoy. If you want delicate and subtle form, try smoothie version. Few fruits that are common for appetizer can be seen at below list.

  • Apple and avocado
  • Banana and papaya
  • Melon and watermelon
  • Lemon and orange
  • Strawberry, blue berry, and rasp berry

There are still many choices depending on where you live. Appetizer may be served as frozen fruits. They provide fresh and calm taste for your mouth and stomach.

Egg Recipes

When asking for appetizer ideas, you cannot forget eggs. People like to have eggs before meal because they easy to prepare. Moreover, the simple recipes for eggs do not need complex cooking instruction.

Besides pure eggs, the recipes also use other ingredients. Before trying one of them, make sure to have proper training regarding egg handling.

Salmon and Seafood Appetizer

Shrimp, salmon, and other seafood are excellent options for appetizer. Salmon contains rich protein and nutrients. This fish is also available as the frozen and canned food. Those are the simple preparation to make appetizer at home.

Is it better to have seafood as appetizer of the main course? It depends on what you want to serve during meal. Create small portion of seafood that’s easy to chew and digest. Keep them subtle and delicate as starting meal.

Preparing seafood from fresh one is not simple task. That’s why you should choose half-cooked product at store. This is different if the foods are served in restaurant. They have menu for appetizer that may interchangeable with the main course.

Chicken and Beef Appetizer

Beef Appetizer

Chicken and beef have been in appetizer list with many forms. You can have small snack from both as ingredients. Chicken is usually the top menu because it’s easy to find and prepare.

For beef, there are many options with different style. In certain areas, beef and meat are primary food as the main course. For appetizer, the meat has to be the most delicate as possible.

Do not forget that appetizer purpose is to ease stomach. For such thing, choose foods with meat that’s suitable with the taste and texture. You can have your own at home. So, that’s what you get from meat and beef as appetizer ideas.

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