The toys of jonpaulkaiser

Born into the greyness of England at the end of the Seventies, by the age of four Jon-Paul Kaiser knew that what he wanted to be in life was a designer. From that point he rarely strayed from that path; drawing and doodling his way through School, College and University. Working as a designer and illustrator, JPK’s career path took him through a variety of jobs, projects and trends until he was introduced to designer toys by his friend Porlzilla. Together they created their own original resin-cast limited edition art toys and sold them through their website. After working with Porlzilla, Jon-Paul decided to go it alone concentrating at first on the toy customization scene, building up a name and strong reputation for himself with his stark Black & White custom style, influenced by comic book art, film noir & Ukiyo-e prints. As his reputation grew, he was also invited to participate in more and higher profile art exhibitions, including;-


“Show Me The (mini) Munny” show (Go-Go Plastic, Birmingham),
“Art for Action” (JailBreak Toys, NYC)
“Humans Beware! IWG Show” (RocketWorld, San Fransisco)
“Mickey Brand Halo” Bloc2B/Disney (Times Square, Hong Kong)
“Art Strikes Back” LucasArts (Art Asylum Boston)
“Reconstructing Misfortune” (Ferg/Playge Toys, Munky King, LA)
“Most of My Heroes are Zombies” Solo show (lksentrik, Bath)
“Power Arts for Power Up” (ToyGube, NYC)
“Sketchbot Custom Show V2″ (Munky King, LA)

This in turn lead to him being approached by established toy producers for designs for their
platform toys. First were Toy2R who released several JPK Platforms, including his Great Khan
2.5″ Gee in their Designer Series 6 collection. Also released through Toy2R are two colourways
of his Skelanimals Gee design, his B” Artist Collection “Zombie Pirate” Gee as well as heading
up their new 5″ Mini-Gee releases with his popular Samurai Pumpkin Gee, available in PURE
edition (B&W) and Glow-in-the-Dark.
Toy2R will also be releasing further JPK designed Gees in 2011; including his first original sculpt
toy – Captain Sturnbrau.
Strangekiss announced two versions of their “Peet” 3″ figure designed by JPK.
Jamungo have confirmed that JPK will be included in the B.U.D. Series 4.
2012 will also see several releases for JPK from Kidrobot.
Along with the urban vinyl scene JPK has extensive experience working on licensed clothing,
designing for high-street and online stores in the UK, designing for licenses as diverse as
Star Wars (Lucasfilm), Ghostbusters (Sony Pictures), Simpsons (20th Century Fox), Kelloggs,
Britvic, Transformers, Lego & Looney Tunes (Warner Bros.).