The toys of jonpaulkaiser
03 Aug 2012

Pandaimyo Mini-Qees. APs available NOW!

Hello there! It’s been a little while but I haven’t been idle – lots of preparation for my New York show in October.

There’s also been this guy in development; Pandaimyo.

The Panda warrior who descended from this mountain home in China, crossed Korea honing his skills as he travelled. Then one day he landed at Itoshima and travelled across Japan, fighting his way and gaining a following of ronin and ashigaru warriors eager to follow this great warrior and seeking glory of their own. Pandaimyo rose to become a warlord and his offspring became Daimyo of their own clans.

The first four Pandaimyo APs are now available to buy in my store here;-

Each comes with a unique hand-written haiku on the back of the box, a JPK sticker and are individually signed & numbered.


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