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01 Jun 2012

Toy2R & JPK present Captain Sturnbrau, Deep Blue Sea edition.

Last night Toy2R released some very exciting news concerning Captain Sturnbrau, the Deep Blue Sea edition!

The 5″ Toy will be in blue translucent vinyl and looks fantastic! His watery/ghostly look compliments the Whispering Corsair’s legend perfectly.

From Toy2R;-

As the tide rolls in, it brings a warning from the sea…the Captain is not gone, but waiting. Deep in the water the peg-legged pirate waits to set sail once again on the Whispering Corsair along with his crew of undead shipmates. Reel in this limited edition ghostly “Deep Blue Sea” variant when Toy2R releases him next month. Limited to only 200 pieces, this edition will wave in the arrival of more mysterious JPK creations to come…so don’t miss out on this limited release.



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