The toys of jonpaulkaiser
14 May 2012

Captain Sturnbrau Midnight Marauder Custom.

When I released my Captain Sturnbrau Pieces of Eight APs for sale, a very dedicated collector asked if I’d customise one for him – something I’d wanted to do so it suited me fine. Keeping with the main theme of the Captain’s look I added the darker shadows against the already dark silver vinyl to create a very subtle custom which I’ve dubbed the Midnight Marauder.

As a side note, I read somewhere (probably wikipedia or somewhere similar) that pirates often wore eye-patches for raids so they would use only one eye outdoors and the other would retain it’s night-vision allowing the raider to adjust to the darkness of the interior of a ship much quicker.

Dunno if it’s true at all but I did test it on a walk with the dog and it does work.

…anyway, I hope you like the custom!



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