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11 Apr 2012

HEAVY METAL QEE – Exhibition, Book & Meet the Artists.

Hello again! Renowned UK collector Dan Perry (Twitter @jazzydan) has been working on his Heavy Metal Qee project for nearly two years now, and starting tomorrow all the pieces are coming together in the form of an exhibition (with accompanying book) at Forbidden Planet in London. The show will run until next Thursday (19th) and on that evening, many of the artists who participated in the show will be there and available to meet, greet, receive gifts of beef jerky (hint, hint) and I shall be there too!

From Dan himself;-

To go with the show I have produced a 64 page book. The book has a spread dedicated to each artists creation, with full colour photographs, and information about the artist and their masterpiece. The books will go on sale in-store at Forbidden Planet, and online at from the 12th of April, for just £14.99 each.

The book looks great, in typical high-quality (anyone who knows Dan would expect no less).

More details can be found on ther site here;-


Thanks and hopefully I’ll see some of you there!


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