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07 Mar 2012

MCA x Toy2R = Evil Ape Series.

More Toy2R news today!! Toy2R have announced they are bringing back the Evil Ape figure designed by MCA of Evil Designs as a 3″ Mini-Series. These will be available as a blind-box selection and it will feature guest artists such as Jim Koch (a personal favourite), Abe Lincoln Jr, Sket One, MCA (of course) and myself!!

Without wanting to appear immodest, I’m really proud to be part of this series and very pleased with my design. Bristling with anger he looks ready to give anyone catching his gaze a proper Hyding..

I was introduced to MCA at NYCC last year by Kevin Winnik of Toy2R, and as we chatted he invited me personally to participate in the series so this one feels extra-special to me, thanks guys!!

Again I’ve added my design a little larger on the right so you can make out a little more detail, whether all this will make it into production I’m not sure as I may have designed it a little too tight for printing. However Toy2R have blown me away several times in the past, especially the printing on the Scribe Mini-Qee..



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